SIDE has closed

SIDE started in April 2020 and closed for business in June 2023.

The leadership team at SIDE wanted to pursue different challenges.

We’re proud of what we achieved, bringing no-code to charities and social enterprises to maximise impact. We’re grateful for the relationships built and the opportunities to make a difference.

Where the team are now

Noam is freelancing. Andy set up HelpFirst. Shivy works at Dev. Elizabeth is job-hunting. Lizzie set up Jamabuck. Nikki is freelancing.

Some things we built

100DaysOfNoNoCode / Agencies for Good / Asylum Guides / Chayn / DigiSafe / Digital Candle / Dovetail / Early Action / Funders Collaborative Hub / Going Green Together / Impact Compass / MADE Manchester / Make Space for Girls / Money Talk Team / Refugee Action Good Practice / Step Change / Tech Policy Design Lab

Peace & love ✌️