Job: Full-stack Designer

We are looking for a research-driven designer to be our first team member at SIDE Labs.

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The initial focus of your work will be a project with Refugee Action. SIDE is helping Refugee Action research  and develop guidance on how frontline UK asylum organisations should deliver their services during Covid-19. What is the best way to help asylum seekers remotely? How do we communicate that to dozens of busy frontline asylum organisations? 

We recently launched Coronavirus Asylum Handbook and anticipate we will build on that. Other initial challenges might include:

  • How to work with interpreters remotely
  • How to deliver destitution payments remotely
  • How to share the best tips and techniques that are discovered on the frontline


We are looking for someone who:

  • Enjoys user research. The whole gamut: developing questions, conducting interviews, synthesising key insight, presenting it with impact. Often there will be lots of existing research. You'll work through it to find the common strands and nuggets of gold. You'll be able to communicate that insight in a way that illuminates and excites.
  • Is a talented and impactful designer. You'll enjoy thinking about UI and UX, even if they aren't your core skills.
  • Can implement those designs in Webflow. No experience necessary, but you must be willing to learn (and show aptitude for) teaching yourself.

If we are looking for one key attribute, it is an ability to put yourself in the users' shoes and imagine things from their perspective.

These are crazy times, so we are looking for a crazy person! This job may have to be fully remote for a while, so we are particularly focused on finding someone who is self-motivated, self-reliant and has a brilliant sense of initiative.


  • We are big fans of Webflow, Zapier and Airtable.
  • We love Google Docs and Slides (seriously! It is amazing what you can with a Google Doc, if you put your mind to it).
  • Figma and Miro, sometimes.

Internally we use Slack, Zoom and, if we are remembering to be good, Trello.


We’d ideally like to hire someone in London, as we like working face to face. (We hope to work some of the time face-to-face, once the lockdown is over.) That said, in light of the current situation, we will consider applications from anywhere. For this role, talent and attitude is more important than location!

People who worked with us previously...


  • £25k to £38k, or day rate equivalent
  • Initially this is a 3-6 month contract

To apply

Press the big red button below and email us a short cover letter and links to your work. We'll keep this job ad open for as long as it takes to find the right person.

Come and join the ride!