We're an easy-going and friendly team. We do strategy, research, design and no-code development.

Illustration of a hand drawn character stood up on a swing

Andy Bell

Founder & No-coder
An image of SIDE team member Shivy

Shivy Das

Junior Designer & No-coder
  • 🏺 I'm a budding ceramicist enthusiast
  • 🥟 Passionate lover of dumplings and a foodie in general
  • 🌏 Bilingual and aspiring polyglot
  • 👩🏿🤝👩🏾 I also work with Guiti News for social impact
An image of SIDE team member, Jaymie

Jaymie Gill

Designer & No-coder
  • ☕  I love tea and coffee (too much!)
  • 🤓 I read a lot (deep discussions about consciousness, anyone?)
  • 🎧 I’m, quite literally, obsessed with music
  • ✍🏼  I love to write & publish on Medium
An image of SIDE team member, Will

Will Hepworth

Designer & No-coder
  • ⬆ I'm a proud northerner
  • 🌳️ I'm a big fan of the great outdoors
  • 🛂 I've travelled to 55 countries
  • 🎧 I have a internationally recognised playlist on Spotify
Photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rose

Junior Designer & No-coder
  • 🌱 I'm an aspiring Climate Designer
  • 💬 I'm trying to learn Norweigan (it's early days)
  •  🤓 I love learning new things (currently learning HTML and CSS)
  • 🇬🇷 My middle name is Zographia which means drawing
An image of SIDE founder, Noam

Noam Sohachevsky

Founder, Designer & No-coder
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